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Barry Leffler Jr.

A powerful wizard of mythic proportions from a time when the Earth was young.

In ages past, the great wizards would guide and aide humanity in their journey through life, helping them achieve wonders not possible without the great mystical powers of these few. Baron the Gray, or Barry to those close to him, was the greatest of their order. Throughout the ages he would appear when humanity needed him the most. However, after religious zealots began demonizing magical ways he transitioned to helping mankind in more discreet ways. Once he finished helping Ben Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Nikola Tesla make electricity a household comfort he reunited with his long lost love, the cosmic sorceress Lady Leslie.  Their work seemingly done, they retired together to a forgotten realm where the Baron could pursue his love of fishing and his Lady continue in her care of magical creatures.

Thankfully for us, he became overwhelmingly bored in his temporary wizarding retirement and decided that making humanity more beautiful would be his next endeavor. He now utilizes the powers of the mystic arts to give you beautiful art to carry with you forever. Barry loves American traditional tattoos, the Los Angeles Rams (apparently the helmets remind him of a fearless warrior & friend he knew when he was young that wore the head of a Minotaur as a helm during battle), and is fascinated by the American concept of clipping coupons.